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e: info@bscu.org.uk

How To Join

There are two ways to join, through our website or by coming in person to either our main/local offices.

1. Via the website

Before you apply on line, please ensure that you have available the following as we can normally undertake on line identification (ID) checks:-

-       A UK Bank Card


-       A UK Driving Licence or a UK Passport

2. In Person

To comply with money laundering regulations, you need to provide your date of birth and your national insurance number (NINO), plus two items of identification, one to confirm your name and one your address, which must be less than six months old.

Examples of suitable identification (ID) are as follows:-

*** These are always required to ensure we check that you can meet the repayments

New members normally have to save for 10 weeks before they can be granted a loan. However, we have a special arrangement with two local housing associations (Settle  & First Garden City Homes) for first loans of up to £300.00 to be granted to their tenants without this restriction. This is subject to certain criteria. 

NOTE:- There are a number of forms to fill in which can take 15/20 minutes or so, to comply with financial and data protection regulations and credit union rules.

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